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In fact, the new 13 can outperform last year's 15 thanks to Sandy Bridge. But since that port is actually a Thunderport link, this may just turn out to be a revolutionary development in the history of personal computing. Now, at last, we can shift data between devices at 21st, rather than 20th-century speeds.

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch Series

It's the most capable MacBook Pro to date, and a real joy to use. In terms of hardware, it's on par with any equivalent PC based laptop and adds in its own unique feature in the shape of ThunderBolt. The key point, though, is that still nothing else comes close to its beautifully designed and constructed chassis. So should you rush out and upgrade?

There aren't many innovative updates in the new Macbook Pro -- Thunderbolt is the only one worth writing home about, in our opinion -- but the extra processing power and graphics grunt are welcome. MacBook Pro inch Review early Source: Slashgear The MacBook Pro range, then, does a solid job of building on the strengths of its predecessors while also introducing new functionality and speed.

The Sandy Bridge processors make a compelling argument, and the dual graphics mean the notebook has a double life as a hardcore media cruncher and an everyday machine capable of lasting most of a workday on a single charge.

It just leaves us wondering when the consumer-oriented white plastic MacBook is going to get an aluminium makeover for those of us on a tighter budget. The new inch MacBook Pro not only outperforms its predecessor, but also just about every other notebook by a fair margin. It has the same svelte design, yet incorporates next-generation Intel and AMD processors as well as Thunderbolt for high-speed data transfers. Still, that system is much bulkier, weighs a pound more, and, even with the larger battery, doesn't last as long on a charge.

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As always, if you want the best, you have to pay for the best. We'll have to reserve a full judgement on Thunderbolt until retail not just prototype products are available, and we'll be taking a proper look at a system in the next couple of weeks. The inch version comes in two flavors and gets a hefty internal makeover over its predecessor. Apple's mid-level MacBook Pro gets a huge boost in power without an increase in price, giving it a large edge over its competition.


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Share Tweet. Publicado el 23 septiembre, Procesador: Intel Core i5 a 2,6 GHz. Dimensiones: 1,8 cm alto x 31,4 cm ancho x 21,9 cm fondo.

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Peso: 1,57 kilos. Puertos: 2 Thunderbolt 2 y 2 USB 3. WiFi: