Erase write protected usb drive mac

Thus, if you insert a SanDisk storage device into Mac computer, you may encounter SanDisk write protected error.

How To Unlock a USB Drive

Write protected switch is on the lock position. There is something you have to be aware of some SD cards or pen drives has a switch to turn on or off write protection on that device. Make sure it is on unlock position. Please run an anti-virus software to scan a virus and remove it. Your SanDisk devices are filled up somehow. Check and backup your files to a safe place, spare enough space then check if the problem insists. Generally, the best way to fix SanDisk write-protected error is formatting the device. Therefore, is there any other way to remove write protection for SanDisk? You will get a Yes.

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Here, we will show you the best 2 ways to fix this problem: CMD commands and free SanDisk write protected format tool. You can choose one of the below two commands to do SanDisk write protection removal: Regedit and Diskpart.

How to Fix the Disk is Write Protected USB Error

Type Regedit in Windows search box to go Registry Editor. You can format it and create partitions on it at ease. Then check if the issue still exists, if the problem solved, congratulations. Here you can refer to the instructions to fix SanDisk write protected device:.

SanDisk write protected format tool free download for write protected issue. Install and execute the procedure.

How to Format USB flash drive in macOS Mojave

Then SanDisk write protection problem should be repaired. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard as a free disk partitioning tool, you are given the ability to resize, move, create, delete, format, merge, split partitions, etc.

Unlock Write Protection on USB Flash Drive

You could upgrade to Professional edition with many advanced functions like command line partitioning, allocate free space, migrate OS from MBR disk to GPT disk, dynamic disks and volumes management, and more. Or you could take a shoot with the Server edition , which covers all function of the professional one. Posted by Ailsa February 15, Download Buy Now. Key Features Merge Partitions Combine two partitions into one or add unallocated space. Apr 30, AM in response to nuwan2k In response to nuwan2k. Does it let you change the Sharing and Permissions? Apr 30, AM.

Apr 30, AM in response to pjdube In response to pjdube.

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Mar 4, PM in response to pjdube In response to pjdube. My USB will not let me click on any of them options so i am not able to erase what is already on it, i tried to verify the disk and then repair it however the repair box is also greyed out so will not let me click on it Any ideas please?

Mar 4, PM. Apr 2, PM. Aug 3, PM. I have the exact same issue as described above with all of the formatting options on Disk Utility grayed out. The USB used to work fine - allowing me to delete and save files - and it's the same Mac I've always used it on. Aug 20, AM. Aug 20, AM in response to frenchypie In response to frenchypie. I was never able to get mine resolved. I even tried using some PC programs on a Windows machine, but couldn't get it fixed. Double check to make sure there is not a tiny switch on yours that got moved. Sometimes they are under the plastic handle. Fortunately they are going down in price all the time.

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I hate to throw away things, but sometimes we all have to move on. Aug 20, AM in response to pjdube In response to pjdube. Hey, thanks for the fast response :- It's a s hame you couldn't get it fixed. Such a bizarre issue to spontaneously occur, eh. I can't find a little switch anywhere, so I guess I may have to admit defeat.

Fortunately it's only a 32GB pen drive so not a huge sacrifice, although it had been a trusty tool until this issue. Csound1, all of the options are grayed out - both 'Erase' and 'Erase Free Space'. On all of the tabs the only option that is available is 'Verify Disk' and even that produces no further options. Dec 30, AM in response to nuwan2k In response to nuwan2k. I had to finally contact the manufacturer for a restore app. So I'd suggest that once you've tried all of the forum options like Windows via the regedit, disk part, or even Mac disk utility.

Or a third party restore app. Dec 30, AM. Mar 12, AM in response to nuwan2k In response to nuwan2k. It cleans your USB and removes.

Read-Only Flash Drive? How to Remove Write Protection from Pen Drive

Plop your USB back in your Mac and erase and normal functionality is restored. Mar 12, AM. Communities Contact Support.

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