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Some instructors may invite students to participate in a synchronous learning activity, however, it is likely not required. The instructor will provide this information in the course materials, which you can see when the course begins.

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The course introductory materials, or course overview, will detail the instructor's preferred method for you to ask for help. Also, check the Discussion forum to see if the there is a "help" forum open for you to ask questions. In addition to your course resources you can always turn to the Canvas Guides to answer your questions about Canvas features. If the video is Flash media, it may not play on iOS devices. There is also the possibility that your browser may be blocking the media content. Read more information in our user guides: our user documentation regarding current browsers, Flash plugins, and browser security.

Most users can drop a course or unenroll themselves after the course begins. If for some reason you do not see the "drop this course" button, contact help canvas. Read more information in our user guides: How do I drop a Canvas Network course?


Canvas Network is a unique, or separate, instance of Canvas. Your credentials from another Canvas account aren't connected to the Canvas Network instance. It's like having two Toyota Corollas in the driveway that look the same but require a different key. When registering, select the "register as new user" option to set up your Canvas Network account.

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It's OK to use the same email as your other account. Individual course settings may alter the visibility of some courses because some instructors may want the course to be "hidden" after it has ended. It's never fun to learn on an empty stomach. We use cookies to create an enjoyable experience on our site. Who can take courses on Canvas Network? How do I enroll in a course? Is there a certificate available for my course? How do I begin my course? When will I have access to see course materials? When will I need to log in to my class once the class starts?

What if I can't accomplish something in my course? How do I ask for help?

How do I download the Canvas Student app on my iOS device?

I can't seem to access a video in my course, what should I do? How do I drop a course? Why doesn't Canvas Network recognize my other Canvas user account login? Why can't I see my courses in the Dashboard? Frequently Read User Guides. How do I enroll in a catalog course or program? My only problem is when instructors aren't tech oriented, and so don't understand how to set up a course shell, but that's not canvas' fault. College course management program for students, faculty, and staff. After my university switched over to Canvas as the preferred course management software, I was happy to finally have a user-friendly interface to work with.

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The menu is not cluttered and all tabs and icons are easy to find. One of the main advantages of Canvas is the ability to easily sync a school email account and get live notifications when items and assignments are posted. Professors can also setup calendars that help remind students of exam, project, and homework due dates. Students can also setup discussions or threads within their respective courses, which is useful when a lot of students have a similar question.

Saves the professor time from having to answer 50 emails about the same question. The notification system, both as a student and professor, is not the most efficient system. Canvas is meant to have a built-in emailing program. This creates a lot of confusion when students send messages via Canvas which is linked to a school email account and separately send messages directly from their school email.

I've encountered times where it was not clear how to send a message directly to particular member of the course, and ended up emailing the entire class by accident. Professors often alternate between general email notifications and "Dashboard" notifications within Canvas. It makes it confusing for students as to where exactly to look for course related information. I find this lack of streamlining for notifications to be the biggest drawback. Eduardo from FIU Online.

Industry: E-Learning. Overall, using Canvas both as a user and as a tester within a development environment has been a pleasure. I would recommend any educational institutions or organizations that aren't using it to make the switch. It is a great tool. This software is great for keeping courses all in one place and adds easy communication between instructors and students.

As well as communication between students themselves is easy and straightforward. Being able to have quizes, assignments, and anything else from the course on Canvas makes it neat and organized. Also, the customization within the app makes it great for unique use cases.

The Official SFU App Suite - Simon Fraser University

Recently I was having an issue with a footer banner when testing in "student view". The banner sits on top of some of the navigation buttons from the left side and therefore hides them. I used to be able to double click on it to hide the banner, but a recent update makes it so that additional steps have to be taken to hide this banner. It has made it inconvenient to click on the button that I need to access from the navigation bar. The 21st century requires interacting, learning and living the virtuality.

Canvas Software

To reduce the distances between the participants and expand the possibilities and technological literacy of all. The teaching of the 21st century requires a change in models and approach to learning.

The change allows to reeplantear not only the contents of the subjects, moreover, the tools with which the teacher will have to share their experiences. It is very valuable to have a virtual space in which you can group: Class documents, videos, conferences, guides, questionnaires, tests, texts, messaging, links, e-mail, all online. The teacher, in this platform, also has the ability to qualify the different assignments and even make various qualifications in real time. The interaction can also include the representatives, who can also access, if they wish, the platform.

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Through the "Collaborations", participants can work as a team their classroom projects, through group editing programs, which can be sent directly to Canvas. The personalization, organization and structure of the modules is very helpful for the participants to experience the different advantages of virtual training. The platforms have generalized their use in such a way that it is easy to find them in different stages and school courses, as well as in undergraduate and postgraduate university studies.

In the same way, the age of the instructors and of the participants varies considerably. When users are not able to interact with each other easily and quickly, they lose interest, not only for the course, but also for the platform, which translates into a considerable loss of effectiveness and impact of the same. It would be fantastic if the teachers could have a cheaper version of the platform, but not be "tied" to large organizations, schools and universities, a kind of "private" virtual classroom that is managed and set almost entirely by the teacher, who will only have to enter his participants, in different classrooms, at the same time, and with an accessible cost.

Burcu from Northern Clinical School.

Company Size: 5,, employees. Industry: Education Management. Time Used: Less than 12 months. If administrators would like to get the most out of Canvas they have to "think outside the box"; otherwise it can get quite dull and tiresome for their users. Overall I think it is a good software which has a lot of potential.